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 Ready to use application software & Microsoft.Net software components (ECG.Net )  for ECG (ElectroCardiography) acquisition, monitoring, displaying, signal processing, storage and data management. 

Open Interface Software

ECG Viewer

ECG.Net Software Components

12 Leads ECG Monitoring & Resting ECG

12 Leads Stress ECG Testing

 ECG Application Development Platform

ECG Data Management

Our software is used by companies, organizations & universities in their telemedicine & cardiology applications.

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 If you are looking for a reliable and professional partner to outsource a commercial or an academic project, we will be happy to work with you.


Ecg Viewer

Free Open Interface ECG VIEWER

 is a 12 channel ECG Viewer for SCP-ECG, OMRON ® 801, Philips ® XML, GE MUSE ® XML, Binary & MIT-BIH . You can also implement your own proprietary data format using the provided open interface...


Also supports OMRON ® 801 ECG, after installation, select:     Setup->General->ECG Formats  ->OMRON801



 Develop your own ECG applications and products using EADP software and hardware tools-Download brochure(pdf)