ECG Application Development Platform - EADP

 Suitable for developing 12 Leads Rest ECG , Stress ECG Testing, High Frequency ECG, Heart Rate Variability, Cardiology Monitoring, Telemedicine, Homecare and many other applications

 Small pocket size 12 Leads USB ECG recorder and patient cable

    Easy to use EADPLib  (Microsoft.Net) software developer library that will assist you in acquiring and displaying 12 Leads ECG data in real time

 Sample Visual C#.Net project reduces your development time significantly. Use it as a framework on which to build your applications.




  • After developing my application can I buy ECG recorders  in volume  ?   Yes you can. For volume quantities, we provide CE certified products. We have no FDA registration at the moment but we can do it for large orders.
 ECG Recorder
Pocket Size ECG Recorder

EADP Software
EADP Software