ECG Viewer   

 EcgViewer is both a stand alone 12 channel ECG viewer and also a suitable software component that can be integrated into Cardiology Information Systems,  Stress Test, Rest Ecg  and Holter Systems.

ECG Formats Supported: SCP-ECG, OMRON ® 801 (Read-only), GE MUSE ® XML (Read-only), Philips ® XML (Read-only), MIT-BIH (Read-only), Binary and OEM proprietary .

 User can also implement his own proprietary data format using the provided open interface.  Refer to "Software Developer's Guide to EcgViewer" document for details. Two sample projects are provided for Binary and MIT-BIH ECG data formats

 Once you implement your own data format, we appreciate if you send us your "OemLib.dll" to be included in the EcgViewer supported ECG formats.



  • Multiple Document Interface (Open and view multiple ECG's at once)
  • Time and Amplitude Scaling
  • ECG Info, Patient Data and Remarks Viewing
  • Selectable View Formats
  • On Screen Caliper Tool for manual ECG Measurements


  • Print-outs and print preview
  • E-Mailing of ECG files
  • Save ECG in PDF format or as a picture (JPEG,GIF, Bitmap, PNG)
  • Save ECG after editing (Not available for Read-only formats)
  • ECG Filtering (EMG, baseline and power line filtering of ECG signals)
  • Viewing of long length ECG records
  • Auto-save last caliper measurement to clipboard
  • Scroll bar time tracker for easy editing of long records
  • If you want to integrate EcgViewer to your application, please refer to invocable version below.

INVOCABLE VERSION (Integrate with your application)

  • Integrate and invoke the EcgViewer from your application by passing the ECG file name as an argument. EcgViewer then starts up automatically without user  intervention. EcgViewer is no more a stand-alone application but becomes a part of your application.
  • Generate PDF files without user intervention
  • Placement of your Company Logo on the start-up screen
  • Multı-Language Support (Translation of menus to desired language)
  • All the features of advanced version included
  • Inquire for the terms of the licensing and other requests


  • I have an obscure proprietary ECG data. Can EcgViewer read it ? Yes, you need to create “OemLib.dll” as explained in the "Software Developer's Guide to EcgViewer" . Download the Guide and" and "Sample Project for implementing Open Interface" files in this page. Alternatively, we can implement it for you.
  • Would you include my proprietary ECG data format in the EcgViewer ?  Definitely, if you send us the “OemLib.dll” as explained in the “OemEcg” sample solution  and verifications of the data format.
  • Can I call and  use EcgViewer within my application ? You can call the EcgViewer(Invocable version only) from your application by passing the ECG file name as an argument. For detailed info, download the  "Software Developer's Guide to EcgViewer" file in this page.
  • Can I use EcgViewer as an ECG data format converter utility ? Please inquire about it.
  • Does EcgViewer support every possibility in the selected ECG format standart  ?  Supports most of the  widely used parts if not all. However we can add your requirements on demand. Please try the free version to evaluate the limitations.
  • Some ECG files seem to have ECG’s upside down on screen? Go to Setup menu and click View->Invert ECG

Omron  is a registered trademark of OMRON Corporation, Philips is a registered trademark of Koninklijke Philips N.V.

Multiple Document Interface
Multiple Document Interface
Extensive View Formats
Extensive View Formats

Patient Info
Patient Info

Ecg Info
Ecg Info