Open Interface 12 Lead ECG Monitoring &
 Resting ECG Software 

 RestEcg is a real-time 12 lead  ECG monitoring and resting ECG software that can be easily integrated with your ECG acquisition device, thanks to its open interface.


  • Open Interface for OEM ECG Devices
  • 12 Lead real-time ECG monitoring
  • Long term recording possible ( Advanced Version)
  • ECG filtering
  • Extensive view formats
  • SCP-ECG compliant
  • Integrated EcgViewer
  • Data Export in binary format
  • ECG Data Management Option



  • How can I integrate it with my existing ECG acquisition device ?
    Download the Software Developer's Guide to RestEcg (pdf) document.
  • What software tools do I need for integration ?
    Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Net Framework 4.0 required for sample projects .


Resting ECG


1.Resting ECG
    2.Telemedicine Receiving Station
    2.Cardiology Central Station
    3.Arrhytmia and Event monitoring
    ECG Recorders, Event Recorders
    and other  ECG Data Acquisition 
    Hardware can be integrated with
    the software.